Membership Subscriptions are due and payable before ANY racing can be done at the Track.

WDTC Membership Form

To become a member please complete a membership form and post with your payment or email and direct credit payment to the account details and email address below.  Your name and details will then appear on the indemnity forms at the track on race day once payment and forms have been received.  Please note we also run pre-registration dates leading up to a new track season where you can meet other members and complete your details and make payment at the time.

Membership Fees:
Full Participating Member:Driver:              $65.00 Race Day Fee:   $30.00
     Full Participating Member: Ladies:                 $65.00 Race Day Fees:  $20.00
  Full Participating Member: Mechanics:       $65.00 Race Day Fees:  $20.00
  Full Participating Member: Juniors:             $45.00 Race Day Fees:  $20.00
   Full Participating Member:                                         Social Member:     $45.00

ALL Day Licenses:  $40.00

Internet Banking:
Ref: Initial and Surname, and Invoice or Car Number. (Internet banking for Membership Payments)

Please e-mail: [email protected] with any extra details if necessary.